Katerina Frentzou Katerina Frentzou
Founder of Branding Heritage | Journalist
Pierros Andrakakos Pierros Andrakakos
Audiovisual Media Production Manager
Ioanna Sakellariou Ioanna Sakellariou
Communications Manager
Christina Frentzou Christina Frentzou
Strategic Development Manager
Dimitris Antonopoulos Dimitris Antonopoulos
Financial Department
Elena Zisi Elena Zisi
Translation Department
Nikolaos Grammenos Nikolaos Grammenos
Legal Department
Tasos Kostakopoulos Tasos Kostakopoulos
Legal Department
Artemis Ignatiou Artemis Ignatiou
Official choreographer | Olympic Flame Lighting Ceremony
Aikaterini Kamilaki Aikaterini Kamilaki
Folklorist, director of the Hellenic Folklore Research Centre | Academy of Athens
Lilian Karali Lilian Karali
Professor of Prehistoric and Environmental Archaeology | N.K.U.A.
Maria Kalitsi Maria Kalitsi
Special Advisor on Cultural Tourism
Elis Kiss Elis Kiss
Journalist specializing in Fashion
Nicoletta Momigliano Nicoletta Momigliano
Professor of Aegean Studies | University of Bristol
Jerolyn Morrison Jerolyn Morrison
Archaeologist, Founder of Minoan Tastes
Olga Stavropoulou Olga Stavropoulou
Social Entrepreneur, Founder of Militos Consulting S.A. and Knowl
Stella Spantidaki Stella Spantidaki
Archaeologist | President of the Hellenic Centre for Research and Conservation of Archaeological Textiles, ARTEX
Mariza Fassianos Mariza Fassianos
Founder of Art Gallery “Iris”
Kostis Christakis Kostis Christakis
Archaeologist, Curator of Knossos Research Centre | British School at Athens

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