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With your support, the Branding Heritage Cultural Organisation continues to plan its multifaceted events, to implement new programmes pertaining to cultural sustainability, digital recording of collections, education and the preservation of intangible heritage.

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€35 / year
Support our purpose in practice and become part of our cultural path.
  • Gift upon registration
  • Update on the organization's news
  • Invitation to actions and events of the organization
  • Opportunity to participate in visits to studios of designers and artists

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Support the work of the Organisation with your donation and strengthen its effort to highlight the global influence of Greek culture as a timeless source of inspiration for contemporary artists and creators; to revive the ancient Arts and to support cultural entrepreneurship.

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Support our purpose in practice in the context of your corporate social responsibility and become part of our cultural path.

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  • Φιλοξενία με λογότυπο της Εταιρείας σας σε ειδική σελίδα
  • Προοπτική συνεργασίας στο πλαίσιο του προγράμματος Shop & Give
  • Πρόσκληση σε ετήσια συνάντηση των Εταιρικών Μελών
  • Τακτική ενημέρωση για τις υπό σχεδιασμό δράσεις μας και τις προοπτικές συμμετοχής

Donate a creation / an item for our collections

/ year

We need people –artists, painters, sculptors, ceramists, fashion and jewellery designers, collectors– who share the Organisation’s vision and wish to donate a creation or an item made using traditional techniques (garment, tapestry, ceramic, etc.) that will be included in the Organisation’s corresponding collection.

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Become a sponsor / Support a project

/ year

You can choose to support an event or project of the Organisation. Your support is valuable to our purpose –highlighting how ancient Greek culture continues to inspire and to guide contemporary creation.

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Become a volunteer


Our volunteers support our work and actions with their invaluable contribution. You could participate in our actions or in a Creative Team.

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