In the frame of the ‘Contemporary Minoans’ event, the Cultural Organization, Branding Heritage, and the Region of Crete honoured the internationally renowned Greek designer, Sophia Kokosalaki, for her contribution to the promotion of Greek heritage and especially for tapping into her Cretan origin and using Minoan influence as a source of inspiration and creativity, on the international fashion scene.

The honorary distinction was awarded by the founder of Branding Heritage, journalist Katerina Frentzou, and the Governor of Crete Region, Stavros Arnaoutakis, in the presence of the Director of the Herakleion Archaeological Museum, Stella Mandalaki. The honorary plaque awarded to the Greek designer was a replica of a Minoan artefact, created by the painter and ceramist, Dimitris Z. Stathopoulos. The prominent London based Greek designer, to whom the great revival of the ancient Greek style in international fashion is attributed, shared her love and experiences from her ‘motherland’, Crete, with the public and explained how the great findings of Minoan culture have influenced her personality and artistic development. “Greece, and especially Crete, my place of origin, is my heritage and I could never move past it”, she mentioned. “I’d like to think that in my creations I manage to convey the strong emotions I feel every time I see ancient findings”.



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