Minoan recipes, contemporary flavours

Capers, honey, plant bulbs, olives, coriander, seafood, pork and wheat are some of the ingredients that Minoans used in their cuisine. Archaeologist Jerolyn Morrison explains what the ancient Cretans ate and reveals her own Minoan recipes. By Jerolyn MorrisonArchaeologist, founder of “Minoan Tastes” Unfortunately, there are no texts referring to the Minoans’ culinary habits, due […]

Ancient textiles in Attica during the classical period

Ancient Athenian artisans had acquired a high level of expertise in textile manufacturing, allowing them to create unique fabrics by employing a variety of techniques. Pyramid-shaped loom weights from the Pnyx and detail of fabric from Koropi in stereoscope © ARTEX By Stella SpantidakiArchaeologist & President of the Hellenic Centre for Research and Conservation of […]

Tyrian Purple, a precious pigment of the ancient world

Tyrian Purple, also known as imperial dye, was the most expensive dye of the ancient world, a sacred colour, a symbol of power and authority. Only a few grammes of Tyrian Purple could be extracted from 12,000 sea shells, enough just to dye the circumference of a plain garment. That is why every purple garment […]

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