The event was showcased by a unique exhibition of inspired creations (clothing, jewellery, works of art) that belong to the Minoan Collection of Branding Heritage by Greek and foreign artists, including painter Alekos Fassianos, ceramicist Lilah Clarke, artists Loukia Orfanou and Teresa Valavani, fashion designers Mary Katrantzou, Marios Schwab and Faye Chatzi, fashion brands Ergon Mykonos and The Artians, jewelry designer Polina Ellis, textile designers Alexandra Bissa and Maria Sigma Textiles, maze designer Adrian Fisher, while researcher archaeologist Diana Wardle presented two garments, reconstructions of Minoan garments, inspired by murals and exhibits located at the Heraklion Archaeological Museum.

A special place in the exhibition was reserved for creations by Sophia Kokosalaki, among which a silver necklace inspired by votive models of swords with thin blades, from the Arkalochori cave, 1700-1450 BC (exhibit of the Heraklion Archaeological Museum) which she had created especially for the event– (conference & exhibition) of the Branding Heritage “Contemporary Minoans” that took place in May 2018 at the Heraklion Archaeological Museum. At that time, the designer was honoured for her contribution to the promotion of the Greek heritage and, in particular, of her Cretan origin and Minoan influence as a source of inspiration and creation on the world fashion scene by the Branding Heritage organisation and the Region of Crete



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