A textile art workshop took place in the context of the ‘Contemporary Minoans’ event at the Museum of London by Maria Stavropoulou, founder of the Maria Sigma Woven Textiles brand, who has been living and working in the UK for years. Having initial studies in Athens in the Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art and specialisation in Textile Conservation, the young creator was introduced to the Art of Textiles by Sophia Tsourinaki at the SEN Heritage Looms. She went on to graduate from the Chelsea College of Art & Design in London. She started her own textile design and manufacturing business in 2015 and eventually set up her traditional hand loom in East London. With respect to her Greek heritage, the award-winning weaver creates handmade “zero waste” fabrics, using raw materials as much as possible while minimizing the use of toxic dyes. ‘The craftsmanship of the loom fascinates me’ she points out ‘mainly because it has remained almost unchanged from the Bronze Age until today, like a journey through time’.


Maria Sigma Textiles has created the woven fabric “Asterion” – another name for the Minotaur – especially for the ‘Contemporary Minoans’ exhibition – a handwoven fabric now belonging to the Minoan collection of Branding Heritage, with the kind permission of the creator. This fine woven fabric was woven in two warps with naturally dyed wool, recycled cotton linen rope and silk yarn.

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