BH Kids | Weaving workshop in High School

BH Kids participated in the #Volunteer Week organized by G&A Mamidakis Foundation in Agios Nikolaos, Crete with a weaving and yarn dyeing workshop held by handicraft teacher Eleni Koukoulaki.

The students of the 3rd High School of St. Nikolaou showed a special interest in the art of weaving. Boys and girls learned which plants can be used to dye old fabrics, steered small looms and made their own bracelets from rags.

The founder of Branding Heritage, journalist Katerina Frenzou spoke to the children about the timeless influence of Greek culture on modern creation and encouraged the students to draw inspiration from their roots and to utilize in various ways the richness of their Cretan heritage in the future.

We sincerely thank the Director of the School Maria Hatzipanagioti, the art teacher Diana Zervaki and the children who enthusiastically attended the seminar and surprised us with their respect for their Cretan tradition.



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