Collaboration with the Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Crete

Preservation and promotion of weaving in Crete and its use in contemporary creation.

Having the moral obligation towards the rich tradition of our country, this project aims to preserve and bring the country’s weaving artistry to the foreground, to record traditional techniques, to support weavers with advanced methodology in order for them to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for business development and extroversion. In Crete the project will be implemented in collaboration with the Development Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Crete and Social Cooperative Enterprise (SCE) for Education and lifelong learning Knowl. The support of our project by the President of the Association and Ambassador of Women Entrepreneurship of Crete, Maria Pitsikaki is especially significant and will contribute to the efforts made for strengthening the traditional occupation of weaver and its integration into a contemporary environment. Our goal is to prove that culture and entrepreneurship can go hand in hand, to preserve an important part of our intangible cultural heritage, to enhance the economic development of local communities, to support people who keep the weaving industry alive but above all to give young weaving artists the necessary resources for development. The project is intended to create a contemporary database of weaving professionals with an emphasis on image and contemporary creation, digitization and manuals of basic techniques, as well as an intensive training programme for skill development.

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