Jerolyn Morrison

Archaeologist, Founder of Minoan Tastes

Jerolin Morrison is an American anthropologist and potter with a PhD in archaeology and a specialisation in the culinary vessels of ancient Crete. She received a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) in Ceramics and a BSc in Anthropology and Art History from Baylor University. In 2006 she received her master’s degree in archaeology and geology from the University of Houston. She completed her PhD in Archaeology with a scholarship from the Fullbright Foundation at the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom. She has taught ceramics at the Penland School of Crafts (USA) and art history at Baylor University (USA), while she has participated in many archaeological excavations in Crete during her studies. Since 1997, she has made the Cretan town Ierapetra the base for research throughout the island, focusing on research into the daily activities of the Minoans. Today she is also a Special Analyst of Ceramics in the excavations of Mochlos and Papadiokambos in eastern Crete and a scholarship consultant at the Penn Museum for the Mediterranean. She is the founder of Minoan Tastes, a company that revives Minoan meals.

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