Explosion of Grecian chic

The greatness of ancient Greek Art continues to inspire and drive artistic creations internationally. 
Meet the artists who transform the myths of Greek culture into creations

Cultural Heritage source of creativity

BH joins forces with every Brand worldwide that honours Ancient Greek culture and supports artists that revive ancient crafts, creating products of  cultural value

Distinguished academics and designers from Europe come together in London to showcase the everlasting influence of Minoan culture on the global contemporary creation scene (fashion, gastronomy, music, art). From the innovative dances of Sergei Diaghilev (Ballets Russes) to Ted Shaw, from William Blake's Minotaur to Pablo Picasso’s groundbreaking artworks inspired by the Labyrinth’s mythical creature and from Mariano Fortuny's celebrated Κnossos scarf to Karl Lagerfeld and Sophia Kokosalaki, the Minoans, Europe’s earliest advanced civilisation, continue to capture the imagination of archaeologists and artists alike. See more here.
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